Saturday, June 5, 2010



This is about my dream, i always hoping that one day i would find
the answer of the reasons of my existents.

Why i'm being born? what for? are those things i see and feel are real?
what is pain and happiness? what is the key to the enlightenments? will i find the answer?
Do i have a previous life? Is it empty or is it full or full but is empty?

So much question to ask about this life. sometimes we only see things from one side of the coin
and close our eyes for other possibilities that universe have gave to us.
Is it real the thing that you believe in? Carefully see the sign.

But i know one things. Be grateful... Om

I use reference from several pictures, but i forgot who's it belongs to.
If you know the picture that i used please let me know so i be able to give credits to the person.

photoshop cs3 using wacom intuos

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