Thursday, August 12, 2010

MINIAPOLIS -a journey of wonders-

Miniapolis logo by Thingkingroom*inc

This project is one of my most exciting project and marked my first step in my career! It was a long story...
so let's begin with who is the man or perhaps woman behind this project?

I believe we have to thank Maureen Theosabrata & Irene Ng who is assigned by Plaza Indonesia to do this project,
they are the consultant of this project and came with the idea of combining children playground and retail area along
with the concept, with a trackless train that you could ride inside a shopping mall and other fun stuff.

Later on Eric Widjaja and i join the team to do the branding and identity.
After few months of working Maureen, Irene, Eric and I decided to took over the interior design responsibilities and start to work...

Zee by Felix Tjahyadi, pencil on paper

Milo by Felix Tjahyadi, pencil on paper

Sculpture by Beben and Willy, supervised by Felix Tjahyadi

Zee and Milo named after english word "Smile", smart rather nerd sister and a curious little brother
later on having an adventure to the City of Wonders Miniapolis.
I made this character for almost one month with tons of revision on the details.

Illustration by Felix Tjahyadi

These are monthly event poster for Miniapolis / with different theme each month.

Information counter concept and design by Felix Tjahyadi and Maureen Theosabrata

Check in system and Wall idea by Felix Tjahyadi

Hideout sketches

This tree house took us weeks to finalize, Thanks to Suradi Setiawan the project manager
who support us and helped make the 3D Simulations out from our raw ideas and sketches.

Zee & Milo's HIDEOUT

Toilet concept sketch and design

Toilet aquarium entrance

Carlo's Carousel

Mr.Crick Express

This was Maureen and Irene's idea to make a special costume made trackless train in Miniapolis,
it was the first in south east asia and copied by few of top shopping mall in Indonesia later.


Zee & Milo wooden pencil, merchandise
3D Modeling by Yulia Pangestu

One of the best promotional event in Miniapolis! There are dog's show, Up story telling, etc...
Eric and i was so excited back then and almost cried the first time i saw this POP of UP.

I got a chance to saw the film premier and watch it one week before everybody else does :)
So happy i could die!


Carousel, Trackless Train, Digiwall (digital wall climbing), Market Street, Noa's Park for Toddlers, Art and Ballet class, Tree house, Stage,
and of course they are all in the center of a Plaza Indonesia shopping mall devoted for kids!
I'll post more photos later, Enjoy...

N.B. I dreamed that one day i would be able to work for pixar and i believe in it :)

Miniapolis Storybook /on progress /

1. Zee & Milo searching for their rabbit doll named Mr.Crick
2. Higher Higher and Higher... up to the sky

3. Mr.Crick and Cho cho train...
4. Land of Miniapolis

This a children story book that i've been working for almost 1,5 years and still under develop.
My working schedule were very tight for it's very hard for me to finish this project.
I have to find a way to finish this story book! Any idea how?

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