Friday, October 21, 2011


Photo : Kay Moreno

Fashion Stylist : Michael Pondaag
Makeup and Hair : QQ Franky and Team
Illustration and Concept : Felix Tjahyadi
Adult Models : Masha Litvinova & Santi Waine ( VTM )
Kids models : Abigail C. Rusli, April J. Widira, Anneroos Slangen, Cohen Osborne, Ellefleur Slangen, Jacquelyn I. Rusli, Juliette Harber, Summer F. Widira, Warren D. Rusli and Wilma Korpirine

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother Monster

Tribute to Lady gaga and Nicola formichetti

Congratulation for the new album "Born This Way"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interior Spread, HARPER'S BAZAAR Kids insertion

Happy new year 2011 to you all.

This is an interior spread for kids, assigned by harper's Bazaar Magazine.
Very short and very exciting project.

Maureen Theosabrata, Irene Ng and Febe Riri came out with "Upside Down Inside Out" idea,
the inspiration came from their own experience and feeling as a mother.

We decided to do very simple combination of furniture, mix it together and match them based on some twisted function, color palette and theme.

Editor : Febe Riri from Harper's Bazaar
Concept : Irene Ng, Maureen theosabrata & Felix Tjahyadi
Illustrator : Felix Tjahyadi
Photographer : Roberto Moreno
Model : Nwa
Location : Moreno&Co Studio

Spread 1
Right : Bathroom is Playroom
Left : Lunch Time, Broccoli step a side...

Spread 2
Car Reading is my hobby

Spread 3
Adventure to Slumberland

Most of the scene was inspired by my own childhood experiences.

"Lunch Time, Broccoli step a side..."
was inspired by Irene's dish, Pasta & Broccoli with tomato sauce :)

and guess what...
Her daughter Tiara, not very much a fan of Those green vegetables.
I knew this was going to be my idea for the first spread...

The model is Roberto's son, very cute, adorable and professional model :)
Not to mention he loves my Wall-E robot... Well, who doesn't!

Very...Very... Exciting project

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